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About Erin Tobin

Making memories and feelings tangible

I have been in the field of creating for over 20 years. Whether it is a logo for your business, taking your beloved horses mane or tail and making it into a keepsake or using old tee-shirts to make a quilt I can take what is special to you and make the memories they hold tangible. 

I have a BS in Graphic Design and worked for THE ART STORE for 4 years after I graduated. There I learned how to market products and support up to 12 corporate stores. Within the marketing team we designed and printed a quarterly product flyer, banners, posters, endcaps, product signage and window displays. I worked with the buyers, photographers and the store managers to drive business to the brick and mortar stores.

After THE ART STORE was bought out I went into freelance graphic design. I have created a multitude of logos, flyers, media packages, tee shirt designs and much more thoughout the years. I will take a clients idea and turn it into a piece they are proud of. 

Sitting behind a desk was not what I ultimately wanted so I went back to school and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I worked for an equine hospital for 8 years assisting with general wellness appointments, lameness exams, treatments, emergency medicine, foaling mares, helping with reproduction and running anesthesia. While there I learned how to make horse hair bracelets, keychains and necklaces as memorial pieces for clients who had lost their horses. From there I have grown this part of the business and extended the options I can provide for my clients.

After having my oldest I stayed at home to raise the kids and continued to do many side projects. At that point I added quilting to my portfolio, first making traditional quilts but then moving into tee-shirt quilts and bags. This is also a passion project for me. I never wanted to get rid of some of my kids special baby cloths or blankets but I didn't want them to stay hidden in the closet. I have made quilts from a number of materials. I love the memories each one of them holds. 

I am back working part-time as a small animal technician, I coach Crossfit classes as an L1 coach 9-11 hrs a week and am an exercise rider a few days a week. I love to keep busy. Check back often for more products and services. 

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