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Memory Quilt Products

Fabric holds memories, whether that is of a childhood past, a certain time in your life or the passing of a loved one these items are special. Don't put them away in a closet or the attic, have them made into something special.

  • Base price on all pieces is $200 for labor. The larger or the more complicated the price will increase.

  • Most fabric needs to be backed with a stabilizer this is an additional cost of $6 per 3 yards. Most larger blankets take 12 yards.

  • Fabric borders can be added to help with sizing, stability and design. I ask that the client buys the fabric at a fabric store or drop ships it to me. This way you know how much the materials are from the store. 

  • After the top is put together the client then takes the top to the quilting store and gets the thread that matches the fabric, batting, backing and if needed the binding.

  • Once all this is done you will have a beautiful quilt to snuggle under or give away as a beautiful present.

Below are some examples of past works.

If you have any questions or ideas please contact me. 

Tee Shirt Quilts: About Us

Tee-Shirt Quilt

Made from your own shirts, can be from tee shirts, flannels, sweat shirts, team jerseys. This quilt was made from old band tee shirts


Tee shirt Quilt

Made from trip, school, and concert tees. This tee shirt quilt is made from the best memories.


Tee-Shirt Quilt

Old memories become a new cozy blanket.


Baby Cloth and Blanket Quilt

This quilt was made from old baby blankets and cloths. It is soft and warm. This is a great way to upgrade the smaller blankets into something to remember the first year of your child life.


Flannel Quilt

This smaller throw sized quilt was made from a loved ones old flannel shirts. I was able to make 3 larger throws an 3 smaller lap blankets.


Toddler Cloths Quilt

This fun little quilt was made from a little boys outgrown cloths. It is great as a lap quilt or a comfort blanket.

ACR quilt.png

Scrub Top Quilt

This quilt is made from old scrub tops. The words, cat and dogs are had cut out and appliquéd onto the quilt top.

Tee Shirt Quilts: Custom Designs
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