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Horse Hair Products

Keep a little piece of your beloved horse with you at all times. These beautiful keepsakes are a great gift for the horse enthusiast, memorial of a beloved horse that was sent over the rainbow bridge or a pony sadly outgrown. 

Horse hair bracelets, keychains, necklaces, preserves and bundles are a great way to have a piece of your horse with you forever.

Custom products or in-stock pieces all made from real horse hair.

Horse Hair: Text

Media Packs


Round braids made from your horses tail or mane. 
Can combine tails from multiple horses.
Some in-stock products available and listed under the store.
$30 for custom pieces


Key Chains made from your horses tail or mane.

In-Stock products available.

Small- $10

Med- $15

Large -$20

Jumbo- $30

Leather Wrapped (1 inch and under)- $20

Very large custom tail perserved (over 1 inch diameter) $40


Raw horse hair bundles.
All colors and textures may vary.
Bundled in oz and lbs for larger bulk.
Great for making your own projects.


Tail Extensions
Customer Tail


Up-cycle Blanket Bag

Re-use your old torn blankets

All blanket types

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Horse Hair Chanel Rings
Epoxy Horse Hair Pendants

Fine Jewelry Display

Horse Hair Fly Whips

Silver Jewelry

Epoxy Horse Hair Inlays

Horse Hair: Projects
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